Le Café under the dome

Le Café under the dome

Exquisitely crafted delicacies

Set in the majestic Dome, luxury is redefined here at Le Café under the Dome, which boasts an unparalleled location and a vast menu featuring exquisitely crafted delicacies and artisanal pastries and cakes complemented by coffee and herbal infusions from around the world.


The coffee retail offers an exquisite coffee shop experience. The luxurious coffee experience is only enhanced by the decadent interior design and top-notch service.


Le Café under the Dome is ideal for social gatherings and special occasions. Guests may sip their cups of tea while listening to the delicate flits of the pianist. Due to the high demand, kindly reserve your table 24 hours in advance.


Le Café under the Dome retail


Le Café under the dome at the Emirates Palace has a beautiful retail unit allowing visitors to take a piece of the Palace home in the form of freshly-baked pastries, cakes, artisanal chocolates, and freshly ground coffee.

  • Daily
    9am - 11pm
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